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If you have seen us at a market or event around the country, you will have seen our range is more than just earrings.  

We import a huge variety of enamel pins and embroidered patches..  The popularity of these never ceases to amaze us!

Our selections are constantly changing, so contact us to see what is presently available, or if you are after something in particular.

To apply patches:  99% of our patches do have a backing that can be ironed on to a fabric surface. 

Our recommendation is to hand or machine stitch the patches on for best results.

To Iron on:  Due to the high temperature required to adhere the patch to fabric, it is not recommended to use this method on anything lighter than a 12oz  cotton denim or drill.  DO NOT press onto stretch denim.

1- Turn your Iron temperature to the highest setting. (Cotton/Linen)  

2- Use a press cloth, such a pillow case, to cover the patch to press onto the fabric.  This will prevent scorching of the patch and fabric.

3- DO NOT use steam.  

4- When the iron is at temperature, position the patch where desired, making sure the fabric is smoothed flat before pressing patch in place.  

5- Position press cloth over patch and the area the iron will touch.  

6- Press down firmly for 30 seconds.  

7- When the fabric is cool, if the patch can be peeled away or is not completely secure, repeat the pressing process, pressing down firmly.  Alternatively, hand or machine stitch the edge to secure. 

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