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Launched in 2016, born from an itch of an idea which needed scratching.  Starting with a small selection of super hero and animal print inspired earrings Lola & Alice has grown to have over 500 different styles of earrings  from specially themed ranges.   Our distinctive macaron packaging for our earrings confirms the Lola & Alice angle of fun.

People often ask, "Who is Lola and who is Alice?"

Lola & Alice were two very sweet Brussels Griffons who were designer, Roz's first 'Fur Kids' back in 2002-2015. 

Lola-Poppy, a red-rough, loved everyone she met.  She would give huge excited welcomes. Lola was a 'flirty-sun-bathing-frock-chic'. When not sunbathing, Lola loved curling up in the work room in a basket of fabric while Roz created. Lola also loved nothing more than being involved in dress fittings, often hiding under dress hems!

Alice-Peanut,(because she looked like a shelled peanut) was a sweet red-smooth who liked to hide in the garden and watch people looking for her, in a panic that she may have escaped out the gate.  In the spring she would eat flowers from the garden and try to look innocent.  Alice loved food.  In her later years as her sight declined, she still managed to find and inhale food with no problems.   

The Lola & Alice range very much captures the personalities of these two very loved fur kids.  


Lola & Alice is proudly created and designed in Christchurch New Zealand.

Lola & Alice; bringing smiles to the  wearer and viewer since 2016. 


Our Origins

Alice - Peanut
Lola - Poppy
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