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The Adventures of Lola & Alice

We've joined the masses of websites who have added a blog to their site.  Our blog adventures are to give some escapism to your day.  There will be stories of where we've been and where we'll be next.  Lots of images to go make you go "Oooooh" and "Ahhhhh" at.  Interesting and unexpected stuff, because that's what we're about.  Keeping it real and surprising.    Do come along for the ride and subscribe.

What joy, what joy! Out from the inner world of living under a rock for the last few months to getting back out into the world - with other people!

lots of people in Dunedin
People were out in force, like markets of old. -Thieves Alley Dunedin 2021

In the past two weeks, we have been fortunate to have two events to go to. The first, Market in the Park in Rangiora, and yesterday at Riverside Market in Christchurch City.

What incredible events!

My heartfelt thanks to the organisers of these events. The opportunity to get out and meet people and sell product, I am so incredibly grateful for!!!

Many people will have found the same, the loss of insight and focus and direction over the last few months, (or couple of years). We've been living in such unknown and strange times, often isolated to the tiniest bubble of who lives in your home.

Gertting out to these two events has given a mammoth boost to the mental wellness and focus for the year ahead.

Everyone in a business likes selling their things to customers, but it is more than that. The feedback, the reaction on faces, the converstaions. The little things are the big things which give back the much needed focus and stop the second guessing of "What the hell am I doing?"

From just two outings, it has been easy to see people are keen to get out and about. Get on with life as it once was, but with some now built-in caution - mask at the ready. Over and over again, people said "We've missed markets." I can say, so have I.

Surprised cat
Not a possom, but the expression is the right level of surprise. The strangeness of seeing so many people in one place at the same time.

It's strange though, we've become so used to only seeing a small amount of people, or none at all, when suddenly seeing seas of people, I found it hard to comprehend the strangeness of it all and knew the look on my face was that of a possom in headlights - for more than a brief moment! The two events can only be described as, 'like a Christmas market, before we knew what covid was'. Long may this continue.


In equally happy news, I've just updated the Coming Events page on our website, and it is hugely joyful, exciting, relief, to see we have something booked in to go to every month for the remainder of 2022. It really is exciting! Especially because we'll be all over NZ! Including SIX events in the North Island. As many know, we have slipped firmly down the slope of the Armageddon Expo's. We'll be found at all of them. In our safe little 3x3m space. We can't wait! Auckland in June, Tauranga July, Palmy August, Auckland again in October, then Wellington and Christchurch in December! Squashed in there is our biggest adventure yet, the three day Petrol Head Vintage Market in Whangamata as part of the monster car and rocknroll extravagnaza, Beach Hop. Plus the great local events in between, here in Christchurch; Ferrymead Night Market, Re-Vamp Vintage and a couple of new events along the way.

It's almost like you don't want to get too excited, as we've had so many cancellations over the last couple of years. It's like getting the rug pulled from under you each time. But after the last two weeks, it's hard to not be seriously hopeful that every event IS going to happen and be able to plan accordingly. No Air NZ, I don't want to be changing flights for the 10th time at $25-100+ each change!

SO be a devil, go walk on the wild side and make some plans.



The Rabbit Hole that are Podcasts

castle in a cell phone. apps
Podcasts are just an app of escapism away.

Working by yourself, the company of music, netflix and podcasts is, for me, essential. Noise, good noise that is, makes me think clearer and be more productive. Neurotic small dogs barking at couriers and thier deliveries, is not the soundtrack of choice, but I have that one too.

It took me a few years before listening to one of those new talky web things called a podcast. It was one in particular about some friends I'd gone to school with. After that, I looked for the next one and next one and was hooked.

Perfect for Escapism

In my escapist work of creating pretty shiny things, I am often in my workroom listening to grizzly true crime. Why, I'm not sure, but some (a lot), are fascinating. I particularly find many Aussie ones a great listen. Anything by Adam Shand is always very worth a listen. BBC produce some excellent docos, a big plus for listening pleasure, they're light on ads. Our own RNZ have produced some crackers too.

It's possibly my way of getting something serious into my brain, as I work in a frivilous world of pretty things. I've always liked a bit of investigative journalism, and podcasts seem to cover that well. Podcasts are just another form, or addition, to the world of escapism. There is something for everyone, from childhood favourite stories read in sleepy lulled tones, for those who find sleep illusive, to many self help offerings - (A bit airy fairy for me, not escapist enough). If true crime is your bag, the options are endless. I've even found myself listening to a series about SEO (search engine optimisation) and e-commerce- Desperate times, desperate measures. Pod casts have every lisening desire covered.


Lockdown Listening

Lock Down 2020, speaking of desperate times. There was many a podcast churned through. The one which became like a forbidden visit from friends, was Loose Units. So much so, it became the inspiration for Lola & Alice's 'Super Hero Stories' range. A fantastic listen. Yes, there's grizzly bits, but it's about more than that. Paul Verhoven, author, actor and comedian from Melbourne, interviews his Dad, John, who was a cop in Sydney, in the dirty old 80's. Paul has written two books based on his dad's years as a cop, then firey then funeral director. The books are, Loose Units and Electric Blue. The podcast came about to tell the real stories behind the stories. They're excellent storytellers and you often find yourself having a good laugh. It's more like sitting in the lounge with good mates. Just like good mates checking in to see how you're doing, Paul and John created an additional spin off episode, each week over lockdown to keep their locked-down listeners company.