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With a Little Help From My Friends

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Kirsten & I after The Rock n' Hop in Timaru 2021

Who am I kidding, it's not a little,

it's A LOT!

Lola & Alice wouldn't be what it is without the amazing friendship and help from Kirsten. I would never have been brave enough to go out in public to risk markets on my own. The self doubt of what I was doing was too strong.

Sometimes it just takes one person to give you a bit of confidence to take a risk. Taking your quirky products out to the world. Kirsten was, is, that person. She understands the quirk - completely gets it! We laugh together at the madness.

Kirsten makes beautiful bags, quirky totes and appliqued cushions amongst other delectable treasure. She's not half talented! Kirsten's pieces blend perfectly with the array of Lola & Alice products. We really do have something for almost everyone.

I'd hate to think how many times we've packed and unpacked our cars of tables and gazebos over the last five years. We've certainly picked up a thing or two about essential market items - and it's nothing to do with the product you're there to sell.

If you're thinking about selling you wares at a market, this list is very much for you!


- In addition to a gazebo and tables (we use any where from three to six, and they all fit in the car with a coupe of gazebos!), table covers, gazebo walls, back up tarp for wet ground.... you'll need:

Tent Pegs

For pinning gazebo legs into grass - if the venue allows.

Two per leg is good. Have extras on hand.

'Sand' Bags

A Selection of Tapes (no, not cassette..)

A Hammer

Screw Drivers

Cable Ties


Black Marker Pen

Ballpoint Pen & Note Papaer

Yellow Card

String and/or fine rope.

Extra Printed Prices

Hand Sanitizer

Baby Wipes

Cheap plastic table cloth

Safety Pins

  • Other Essentials for us include; extra eftpos rolls; business cards; rubber pin backs; earring stud backs; sticky velcro; giant push pins; wonderclips; charged powerbank and cord for when the eftpos charge gets low.

If I've forgotten something, Kirsten has usually remembered it. Such as rubbish bag, thermos of hot water, a selction of tea and mugs. A Towel for spills. Water to drink!

All of that before any stock even reaches the car, which is really a tardis.

My friends are treasured. Their help at events in any capacity, I am so very grateful for.

Especially the out of town events, when a market and the madness of them, isn't something they're used to. There's the lovely ones who give you somewhere to stay, who see you, me, far from my best, in the morning, and far from my most coherent at the end of the day. Events are always much more fun with someone else to share them with. There are some sights you just can't relay, but sharing that knowing look of, 'we-can't-unsee-that-and-you-know-it!', is priceless. Sharing these times with friends adds to the escapist qualities of what Lola & Alice is about. It's work but it doesn't feel like work, more an adventure. Then there are the friends who visit the events, those who are sounding boards and support your ideas, squash your fears and want to wear your product. They've been there, they get it.

Truly treasured. That's what they are.

Toolkits and treasured friends. Markets are a piece of cake when you've got those.

Do you have a market buddy? Have they helped you conquor any market fears you may have had? How about a toolkit? What are your top essentials? Leave your comments below.

Thanks for joining the journey. Until the next escapist instalment....



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