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"Have a website ..." They Say.

It all sounds so easy, so logical. No one mentions anything about the speed to do these things. Especially when it is not your main area of knowledge.

It just shows, learning continues all your life through.

Over the last week, I've been giving the website a face-lift. We've had such a crazy year with Armageddon events throughout the country, it's been hard to stop and think about the actual website. No, the ol' Insta isn't enough it seems. Especially when discovering none of the posts have also gone to the mighty FB page...

Instagram  logo on cellphone on white background

Social media technology, it is fair to say, does my head in. I have very much a love, mostly, hate, relationship with it. Anyone who has a page will be familiar with those annoying messages that start... "Hey there, We are on the lookout for ambassadors....." BLOCK!

Then there are those who advise on every second post about how to make your Insta feed more visually catching to get followers.... I interperet this as; how to make your account look contrived and insipid. As for the adding of every second post to be some up-lifting, inspirational message with soft colour background.... NO! For me, these things go against the other 'essential' of an Instagram account; 'showing your authentic self'. Oh Pah-leeeeeeese.

uplifting inspirational quote on blackboard
This would be a sign our accounts have been hacked.

My social accounts and posts, DO show our authentic self.. they show we're not up with the play of technology. I'd like to think the music choices on 'stories' and 'reels', show this also. Nothing conformist, trendy and contrived here, but 100% authentic and honest. Showing what you truly like, not what you're expected or meant to like to get the followers. I'd like to think I'm a lot more comfortable in myself and what Lola & Alice is about, than to be worried about followers. Let's be honest, it's sales that pay the bills.

Indeed, it is very complimentary if people do choose to follow what you're doing. Those little things are appreciated for sure.

Ahh, a website. Seems straightforward in theory. Definitely much more straightforward if you can pay someone else to do it! Ohhh, how I would if I couldI!! But think of all of that learning I'd be missing out on. (all of those hours that wouldn't have disappeared.) I'd like to think I've done my best with what I've got at the moment. I'm sure those who do websites for a profession may think otherwise. I admire those people, for how their heads don't explode with things like 'alt text' etc. At the moment, I'm just happy the links to pages work, the site looks good on mobile and is at a stage I can now just work on updating photos. (note probable ignorance of technical knowledge thinking this is truly where I'm at with said site)

Please look, share and let me know if anything needs changing or looks odd. No feed back is bad, all is appreciated.


In other excitement, the cool little record store, RideOnSuperSound, at 172 High Street, Christchurch. above Smash Palace, is now stocking our Lola & Alice enamel pins. Go in and check out this super cool independent store who is a big supporter of all things local.


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